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Partner in the time of needs

Our mission is to help people in trouble.
First we create the Needs for Life project. During this we reach to many families and we got experience that how much important to help in another fields as well, because only in this way we can be really helpful to stand up families in trouble. If we can manage to change 1 person life, it has been worth a lots of effort.

Our active projects:

Who are we?

Home Aid

Under of Home Aid project we renovate the houses of those in need. Because of falling walls or roof many families can get on the streets or lose their life. They cannot repair these due to their scarce resources. As part of our program, we make these improvements to keep a secure cover over the …

Who are we?

Clean City

In South Asia doesn’t have set properly waste management systems. Accumulated waste makes problems in city and in household as well. In Clean city project we set waste bins in household and we arranged for their regular delivery by using special waste collector wagons. With this successfully we created new jobs, improve cleanness of area …

Who are we?

Safe City

In South Asia many places still not available street light systems or it is doesn’t maintained properly. Because of this have higher crime rates as well in these areas. Under of Safe City program we set solar street lights, which improve the safety of area and made easier life for people who live in there.

Who are we?

Clean Water

Unfortunately in South Asia still problem, that doesn’t have available in all household clean water. Because of this reason goes higher the possibilities to have many serious diseases for example hepatitis A, colera or salmonela. Under of Clean Water project we made a water treatment plant, from where is available now for hundreds of families …